Develop your Travel Technology

The best sales channel

TEN is supporting you to find the best channel for your sales online. Shopbot, Metasearch, Online Travel Agency, Direct Airlines, Google, Blogs... If you don't know what is your best online channel we can support you by giving you a perfect overview of your competition landscape.

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Increase your revenue

All your efforts are useless if you are not monitoring your conversion rate with the right KPI's. Checking your SEM, SEO, Landing pages, Funnel conversion, Abandoned basket, Fraud management, your payment and failed bookings process will help you to increase your revenue.

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Marketing acquisition efficiency

Ten has developed a robot, Terapanda increasing your marketing acquisition. Invest on the best marketing channel for your market and check what your competition is doing. Asking for your quick market overview using Terapanda will give you a good overview of where you are

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Developed by TEN:

  • Accelerate your online growth
  • PHP Module
  • Unlimited keywords, destinations and contents
  • Analyzing google trends for your SEO and SEM
  • Mining more than 500 000 pages for your data research
  • Providing Ad, Text, Images and Videos

Terapanda has been developed during 2 years following an idea to collect data that can be used to understand business trends and markets opportunities. Today Terapanda is able to provide you Market opportunities and competitors reviews.

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